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Quilting Promotes Good Health

by Jeanne McBride on 07/21/11

A good friend of mine began to quilt for the first time a couple of months ago and commented that she had been told that sewing had similar characteristics to meditation and was great for reducing stress.  The June issue of the Journal of Public Health confirms what we quilters have known all along.  Quilting is important for their wellbeing. Study participants found quilting to be a productive use of time and an accessible means of engaging in free creativity. Colour was psychologically uplifting. Quilting was challenging, demanded concentration and participants maintained and learned new skills. Participants experienced ‘flow’ while quilting. A strong social network fostered the formation of strong friendships. Affirmation from others boosted self-esteem and increased motivation for skill development. Quilts were often given altruistically and gave quilting added purpose.  Quilting is all of that and more for me.  Quilting has seen me through times of great joy, new beginnings and times of immense sadness.  Even a challenging day at the studio is a great day!!  I've got to go - another quilt project - a wedding this time - is calling to me.    Jeanne

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1. JACKIE said on 8/9/11 - 08:32AM
I loved the meditation comparison. Compared with the "non-doing" of the sitting meditation, quilting gives one a movement meditation that produces something personal and beautiful. It is perfect.

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